Marine Cleaner & Oil Rig Degreaser


Marine Cleaner And Oil Rig Degreaser

BoatKleen is an all-natural eco-friendly marine cleaner chemical that is ideal for a host of hold cleaning and oil rig degreasing and platform deck cleaning tasks as it is entirely safe even if discharged into a water course.

Perfect for boat hull, decks, sails, or engine room cleaning where the powerful penetrating action of nano-energy packages in this pH-neutral and food grade marine cleaner dislodges grime, grease, dirt, and algae from almost any surface – even carpets and fabrics!

Remarkable Safety

Have you come across an oil rig degreaser that you could drink before?! BoatKleen is an aqueous cleaning solution detergent that has powerful cleaning action and yet users do not even need to wear any PPE items!

Marine Cleaner

With almost no smell, quick cleaning and de-greasing action, non-flammable, safe as effluent, and non-toxic; this marine cleaner presents an extraordinarily low risk product to have on board your vessel or offshore platform. You may have spilled some marine engine oil when you topped up your Volvo Penta or Perkins – this is the perfect oil stain remover!

BoatKleen contains no biocides, solvents, acids, alkalis, or caustic sodium hypochlorite at all.

How It Works

BoatKleen works by breaking the surface tension holding algae, grease, and dirt to a surface. It is available in 5 litres or 20 litres jerrycans as a ready-to-use strength cleaner.

Marine Algae Cleaner

Spray or pour on and agitate and scrub with a stiff brush and then rinse off the dislodged soiling and algae with a water hose or pressure washer if available.

Download the BoatKleen technical data sheet here.

Do not dilute the marine cleaner unless you are only dealing light soiling, when using as a rig wash oil rig degreaser it is best to leave it at full strength.

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