Pavement Cleaner For Slabs


Our professional pavement cleaner chemical is a high-performance product to revive concrete or flagstone surfaces in streets, stations, and parks which combines outstanding safety with great cleaning performance.

It is proven to leave a surface that resists the re-growing of slippery algae and lowers risk considerably for walkers, tram operators, and passengers.

Pavement Cleaner

Safe For Public Walkways

Remarkably safe and thus reassuring if used on sidewalks, pavements or railway station platforms; this is a Camden BRI-certified food-grade eco-friendly pavement cleaner chemical at ready-to-use dilution in 5 litre and 20 litre jerrycans. We offer secure and easy online purchases and quick delivery all over the UK.


It works by an innovative process where nano energy in the agent dislodges soiling, dirt, and algae to lift it off for removal. BuildKleen contains no acids, no bleach, and no biocides at all. This is different and a considerable improvement on biocide-based cleaners which form the bulk of the outdoor cleaning products on the market as these are killing the algae or green growth.

Pavement Cleaner Chemical

These chemicals carry hazard warning pictograms and are harmful to the environment and sometimes to users whereas BuildKleen is harmless offering great safety to workers and bystanders.

Professional Pavement

There is no risk to pets or lawns and plant life with this pavement cleaner which contrasts with most competitors and it takes only a short time to penetrate through dirt and transform the appearance making it one of the best cleaners around for pavements and paths.

How To Use:

Please brush or blow off any loose leaves, dust and debris and apply the cleaner generously in a manageable area at a time and puddle it, coverage is usually about 12 square metres per 5-litre bottle. Please see a video showing how to spray-apply and then brush this cleaner for the best results above.

Brush the concrete and natural stone pavement cleaner vigorously to assist the cleaning using a garden hose or pressure washer if available to assist in removing loose dirt, lichen, and stains or just a normal low-pressure hose. Did you know that we also supply exterior cleaning equipment?

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