Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner


If you are looking for a pH neutral polished concrete floor cleaner that is effective at lifting dirt and soiling from your warehouse or sports centre’s floor or get it ready for painting then consider BuildKleen, a powerful yet safe aqueous cleaning solution using nanotechnology to clean polished concrete.

polished concrete floor cleaner

This is a highly innovative eco-friendly concrete cleaner detergent chemical that is formulated from all-natural ingredients with tiny nano-energy particles to quickly penetrate under dirt and lift it off by breaking surface tension and efficiently cleaning like few other products.

An outstandingly safe food-grade chemical that is odourless and contains no biocides, no bleach, and no acids, we supply it as a ready to use product in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans.

You can buy the 20 litre jerry can of BuildKleen cement floor cleaner for £70.00 + VAT + carriage here:

Cement Floor Cleaner

You can be sure that workers and indeed pets or other nearby personnel are safe when BuildKleen is used as a polished concrete floor cleaner and yet they will also expend less effort on cleaning and don’t need to worry about the run off as this is one of the few cleaner that are safe if discharged into a water course.

How To Apply:

Pour the chemical straight onto the polished concrete floor area that is to be cleaned and puddle it, brush in vigorously with a broom to agitate the detergent and wait half an hour before a generous rinse off with water using buckets or a hose, this will transport the loosened soiling away rather than allowing it to dry into the concrete again.

As it is a pH neutral product with strong penetrating cleaning action, this product is also ideal for natural stone cleaning, especially the less porous types like granite. Also suitable as an ultra-safe cleaner for render, tarmac, roughcasting, wooden decking and driveways.

Is It Really That Safe?

Yes it really is. A non-toxic and non-hazardous product, users of this polished concrete floor cleaner do not need any PPE items although it may be advisable to wear gloves if in prolonged contact. BuildKleen can also be sprayed but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the substrate to be cleaned.

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Below: The 20 litre jerrycan of BuildKleen offers great value and is delivered all over the UK:

Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner