Telescopic Water Fed Brush


This Streamline glass fibre telescopic water fed brush pole features a lightweight glass fibre pole with the renowned Lite-5 durable pole hose, bonded collar and 6″ angled adapter for the brush.

Supplied with a Streamline angle adapter to provide a 6″ depth clearance between the pole and brush for sills and window reveals.

Product Description

This 34-foot telescopic water fed brush is supplied complete with a Streamline Hi-Lo medium trim brush of 14-inch size and pencil jets kits; so everything you need to work!

The internal pole tubing is of durable 3-layer construction and flexible and manageable even when working in colder ambient temperatures. Strap supplied for tidy storage of the pole tubing.

Simple one hand lock-clamping operation for both left and right-handed persons. Clamp design provides strong, positive locking force. Clamp guard prevents against accidental release.