How To Clean Paving Slabs With PatioKleen Paving Slabs Cleaner


Have you ever thought how little we clean the outside of our houses and gardens compared to the inside kitchen, bedrooms etc? Its quite a striking thought, isn’t it?

The sheer levels of filth from weathering, atmospheric pollution and damp-loving algae, lichen and so on that build up on garden walls and paths poses a considerable challenge to clean, even if cleaned once a year.

Paving Slabs Cleaner

Often the solution is seen to be pressure washing or calling in professional exterior cleaning companies with very strong sodium hypochlorite or acid chemicals that have the potential to ruin plants or lawns nearby and even cause chemical burns if proper masks and PPE items are not worn.

While these all have a place, you may find that a ‘domestic’ pressure washer does not have the penetration power of industrial flat surface cleaner models and can be hard work for a long and tedious time with less-than-ideal results (and very dirty for the operator).

Using an ultra-safe paving slab cleaner product called PatioKleen can be a real boon when cleaning your driveway or patio; its’ run-off is harmless to plants, pets or even in ponds and yet the cleaning action is effective at dislodging dirt and algae.

Steps To Follow For Application:

We would suggest the following simple process for exterior cleaning:

    • Brush any leaves, loose dirt, and excess dust away – no point wasting chemicals until it can get into contact with the tough stuff to remove that is sticking to the substrate. If it is a hot day it’s a good idea to wet the surface a little with a garden hose.
    • Apply generously by puddling the cleaner, it is diluted as ready-to-use and you can see a video here to show you. PatioKleen can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on, if sprayed then please apply several coats methodically.
    • Agitate the cleaner with a broom or stiff brush on the surface and aid the penetration with a good scrub, you should start to see the soiling in a light foam – algae will make it green for example.
    • Wait for about 15 minutes and then rinse off the cleaner either with a garden hose, buckets of water or a pressure washer if you have one.
    • You can see a video demonstration below of how to use the paving slabs cleaner – in this case with no pressure washer:

How Does This Paving Slabs Cleaner Work?

PatioKleen is a breakthrough in detergent formulation that uses tiny nanoenergy packages to penetrate deeply underneath the dirt and soiling to loosen it off and dislodge so that it can be cleaned.

It does this by electromagnetically breaking the surface tension that bonds dirt to a substrate and is astonishingly effective at dispersing soiling.

Paving Slabs Cleaner

It is a certified food-safe, pH neutral and ultra-safe chemical where users actually need no PPE items at all and yet has a powerful cleaner action making it perfect as a pre-treatment for concrete slabs to be hosed down or pressure washed afterwards without any harmful run-off.


Use of a power washer on low pressure setting or a garden hose is helpful to remove the loosened dirt and application can be by a spray can or watering can, paint brush or poured on generously.

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Paving Slabs Cleaner