As an environmentally-friendly wood decking cleaner, DeckKleen is an effective non-hazardous and non-toxic chemical. It works to dislodge and remove dirt and algae instead of killing the green growth on your wooden decking, Millboard or composite decking like sodium hypochlorite and biocides and is thus a much safer and superior algae remover for decking.

Wood Decking Cleaner

Based on a professional product for removing marine algae at harbours and marinas, where cleaning slipways and the like with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and biocide containing chemicals is banned by law because the run off is harmful to marine life. This wood decking cleaner leaves decking cleaner with a much better and safer grip and also looks great for you to enjoy your garden decking at its best!

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In coming up with a fence cleaner formulation to meet these specialist requirements, a completely new approach was needed, and the benefits of this research have come over to the DeckKleen decking cleaner. This makes it one of the best environmentally friendly wood decking cleaner chemicals that are available which is:

      • Food-safe, non-toxic, all-natural detergent.
      • Safe for marine life and 100% pet-friendly
      • Contains no biocides.
      • Contains no bleach.
      • pH-Neutral – no acids and no alkalis.
      • Inhibits regrowth of algae
      • Made in the UK
      • Download the SDS data sheet here.

Wood Decking Cleaner

  • How DeckKleen Works:

    DeckKleen is also a great value composite or wood decking cleaner detergent with powerful removal of algae and dirt or as an algae fence cleaner as well. It works by a different process to most cleaning chemicals with nano ‘energy packages’ which function to penetrate deeply and break the surface tension and lift off dirt leaving a surface which stays cleaner for longer.

    How To Apply:

    This is a handy ready-to-use cleaner and algae remover that is a stable, effective, and environmentally friendly wood decking cleaner and supplied in 5 litre containers with 20-litre jerrycans available on request.

    Use of a power washer on low-pressure setting is helpful ahead of the application of the wood decking cleaner, which can be by a spray can or watering can. After application please agitate the  deck cleaning solution with a stiff brush and leave for half an hour before rinsing off.

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