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Rolling stock has an extraordinary role in today’s commuting and leisure users and works very hard; keeping trains clean takes colossal effort by hundreds of staff and so making that task easier is very useful.

Exterior Cleaning Equipment For Trains

Browse our carefully developed range of exterior cleaning equipment for trains to see how we have taken feed back from the sharp end to make our reach and wash system safe for use near overhead line equipment.

Our industry leading LiberVac range of train cleaning equipment can help with all stages of interior or exterior cleaning of rolling stock and we also have TrainKleen, an eco-friendly detergent cleaner safe in drains or a water course.

Vehicle Cleaning Trolley

TrainKleen is available as ready-to-use or as a super concentrate product for dilution to your needs for use in carriage washers, trigger sprays, or for hand bashing with or without the LiberVac equipment. See more information and buy the chemical here.

Low odour, ultra-safe, and powerful cleaning of upholstery, floors, front ends and undercarriage is possible with this remarkable product.

See a video below of the rolling stock cleaning trolley being used with our eco-friendly detergent product:

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If you are looking for eco-friendly car cleaning products then CarKleen can offer a great option which is safe as effluent, phosphate-free, and non-hazardous.

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning

With more concerns about ‘forever’ chemicals and toxic run-off, the cleaning of cars can become a problem and pollution legislation bans detergents, degreasers, and emulsifiers from commercial car cleaning businesses or fleet operators from entering drains directly.

Although domestic car cleaning is permitted it is worth checking if your dwelling has a septic tank as some chemicals can destroy the digestor bacteria within these tanks.

For eco-friendly car cleaning with less effort, low smell, and a long-lasting clean try CarKleen, the detergent made from all-natural ingredients which is safe in drains or a water course!

Pet and plant safe, this UK-made cleaner product is suitable for a range of exterior or interior vehicle cleaning tasks and is available as a pre-diluted or as a concentrate.

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning

To use simply spray or with a low-pressure sprayer, agitate and scrub in, and then rinse off the car’s body work with plenty of cold water.

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Finding a high performance and genuinely eco-friendly car wash soap like CarKleen give you the flexibility to clean your vehicles without effluent worries.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash Soap

A remarkable pet-safe, non-toxic, and non-hazardous detergent that is harmless in drains, ponds, a water course, or any aquatic environment, this is a car wash soap that you could drink that removes soiling with ease.

CarKleen is a British-made professional car cleaning eco-friendly product that is outstandingly safe, and low odour. It quickly cuts through dirt, fly splats, and traffic film while meeting vehicle washing regulations UK without the need for interceptor systems.

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaner

Available as ready-to-use (already diluted) or as a concentrate product, CarKleen offers staff safety and the ability to quickly clean trucks, buses, vans, or rolling stock.

CarKleen Ready-To-Use 20 Litres Jerrycan: £74.00 + VAT

CarKleen Concentrate 20 Litres Jerrycan: £195.00 + VAT

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Eco-Friendly Car Wash Soap


Meeting pollution prevention guidelines when cleaning vehicles can be achieved with CarKleen eco-friendly detergent that is safe in drains or a water course.

CarKleen is a remarkably safe UK-made detergent made from all natural ingredients which you literally can drink, it is used for marine and coastal cleaning applications like slipways and dock steps because it is safe in any aquatic environment.

Pollution Prevention Guidelines

When you want to achieve a clean and presentable fleet of vans, coaches, or trucks to carry your brand you either must position vehicles over compliant drainage/interceptor area to collect effluent or you can use CarKleen cleaner that means mobile cleaning is possible anywhere as the run-off is chemically harmless. This allows much more efficient cleaning.

Pollution prevention guidelines have solid reasons to exist because of water table, drinking water, and many other environmental considerations.

However, there is also the issue of septic tanks that have bacteria in them by design to digest sewage, using powerful degreasers, TFR, or other detergents can kill these bacteria and render the system useless leading to expensive repairs that are not necessary.

Vehicle Cleaning Trolley

Using our vehicle cleaning chemical that is safe in drains allows you to rapidly clean your fleet anywhere quickly and efficiently saving time, money, and legal worries. The LiberVac battery pump trolley with extendable pole bush has been developed to clean railway rolling stock or double deck buses and give you 12 hours of use without charging.

CarKleen is available as a ready-to-use strength or as a professional grade concentrate in 20 litre UN-approved jerrycans that can be ordered on this link.

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See government pollution guidance page and download PPG document here.


Using our eco-friendly coach and bus cleaner chemical powerfully removes traffic film and is safe as run-off into drains, water courses, or septic tanks.

Coach And Bus Cleaner Chemical

CarKleen is a detergent made from all-natural ingredients that allows mobile and fast cleaning of your fleet, it is safe enough to drink and meets pollution prevention laws, working with a cleaning product that is this safe pays off for staff as well.

Low odour and fast cleaning without any need to wear items of PPE speeds up the cleaning process and, in many cases, you can dilute as weak as 1 to 20 if the vehicle is not very dirty. This product is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Needless to say, a cleaner fleet carries your brand better around the streets which is a good investment in branding while staying compliant and making your life easier.

Coach And Bus Cleaner chemical

CarKleen is supplied in both ready-to-use strength (do not dilute) or as a professional concentrate in 20 litre jerrycans, IBC tank pallets of 1000 litres of concentrate can also be quoted for as required.

To download a data sheet please follow this link – to order please see here.

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CarKleen is a vehicle cleaner safe in drains or a water course, this is a UK made ultra-safe detergent that complies with pollution prevention guidelines.

car cleaning chemical

Car wash drainage regulations and truck wash regulations in the UK are strict as to run off chemicals and emulsifiers and CarKleen with its exceptional safety standards is compliant for drains, interceptors, and septic tanks. It is even used for coastal slipway and dock steps cleaning in a marine environment.

Highly effective dislodging of dirt, traffic film, and muck and yet safe enough to drink, this remarkable chemical is available in both ready-to-use dilution or as a professional concentrate product that you can use between 1 to 10 and 1 to 20 with water.

Vehicle cleaning chemicals

Utilising the power of nano energy to dislodge soiling from paintwork, trim, tyres, and glass, this cleaner could be applied with a pump sprayer or using our pump trolley and extending pole brush with battery that lasts for a full 12 hours of work.

Reduce headaches and delay and keep a shining fleet of trucks, buses, or vans using our range of super safe and useful products. Now you can clean anywhere in a compliant manner that saves time!

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaner

We are often asked for a COSHH sheet for CarKleen but there is not one in existence as it is non-hazardous with no acids or alkalis, bleach, toxic ingredients, or biocides; you can download a data sheet here.

Please be free to contact us and discuss your commercial vehicle or car washing needs so we can help you further to a safe and compliant vehicle cleaner safe in drains.

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BoatKleen is an eco-friendly tank cleaner chemical which is safe for any aquatic environment. Remove algae, debris, biofouling, grime, and dirt from your tanks or food handling equipment with this product. It is so safe and environmentally friendly that it can be discharged directly into water without any harm to marine life.


Tank Cleaner Chemical

How Does It Work?

This product leads among environmentally-friendly tank cleaner chemicals and works by a nano technology process to remove undesired dirt and stains from GRP and stainless steel tanks, engine rooms, and cargo holds.

An excellent degreaser, BoatKleen dislodges algae, grease, and dirt by breaking the surface tension rather by than killing as happens with biocides, strong acids and sodium hypochlorite bleach. BoatKleen is full of small nano ‘energy packages’ which function to penetrate and break the surface tension and lift off dirt leaving a surface which is proven to stay cleaner for longer.

An Ultra Safe Tank Cleaner Chemical!

Biocides and bleach are both harmful to marine life whereas this pH-neutral and eco friendly tank cleaner chemical is even food safe and does not need an environmental permit for water discharge.

BoatKleen is non-hazardous and non-toxic and contains no biocides or bleach; it is supplied at ready to use dilution in 5 litre or 20 litres containers and is a safe cleaner for any aquatic environments.

Buy BoatKleen 20 Litres – £80.00 + VAT + Carriage – Accepts Card Payments

Tank Cleaner Chemical

Download the BoatKleen boat cleaner data sheet here.

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If you need a safe and effective all-natural tile cleaner for bathroom product then TileKleen is a useful product for scrubbing and removing dirt and algae.

Tile Cleaner For Bathrooms

This is a British made detergent product which quickly penetrates and lifts off soiling, it is not a mould killer and is very safe for users, in drains, or even bath water due to having no biocides, acids, or bleach.

High Tech Cleaning Power

Utilising oleo chemistry and nano energy packages, this pH-neutral tile cleaner is the ideal companion for glazed or natural stone tiles offering powerful clean, low odour, and excellent safety near children or pets.

TileKleen is normally supplied in a 5 litre jerrycan at pre-diluted ready-to-use strength so just tip out on surface or use in an existing trigger spray bottle.

How To Use

Please spray on, agitate the surface with cloth or bush and rinse off with warm or cold water to carry away the soiling.

Tile Cleaner For Bathrooms

How To Order

We supply this product all over the UK by next day delivery – click here to order.

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One of the best eco-friendly granite cleaners on the market, StoneKleen is made from all-natural ingredients where nano-energy particles penetrate through soiling, algae, oil stains, or cement smears. The GTIN number for the product is 5070000371733.

Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

StoneKleen granite cleaner penetrates deeper and leaves a cleaned surface that tends to resist dirt gripping to it afterwards and because it is food-grade and pH neutral it is both safe and a pleasure to work with.

Use On Inside Or Outside Granite

Useful as a granite worktop cleaner and for flooring and outdoors as the ideal granite cleaner for garden stone work, driveways and other surfaces and garden granite block walls that may become weathered and grimy from pollution, algae and so on.

Many exterior cleaning chemicals rely on biocide chemicals (these are basically disinfectants) like sodium hypochlorite to kill algae whereas this eco-friendly granite cleaner chemical dislodges soiling using the nano-energy packages to break surface tension – IT KILLS NOTHING AT ALL.

High Performance And High Safety

It’s also an odourless chemical and as it is pH neutral and contains no acids, no bleach, and no biocides this is a truly remarkable granite cleaner product with high performance and low risk.

Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

Safe for you, for pets, safe in ponds or streams, sceptic tanks and bio digesters, for use near plants and lawns, and for use on granite surfaces to keep them in pristine condition.

StoneKleen is a good value natural stone cleaner available to buy online as ready-to-use RTU format in 5 litre and 20 litre jerrycans or in concentrated form as BuildKleen brand in a 10 litre jerrycan – this dilutes to 110 litres of RTU product. All these chemicals can be ordered on this button:

Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

Best Ways To Apply This Granite Cleaner

If you are using this granite cleaner for patios, we suggest the following procedure for application:

  • Brush any leaves, loose dirt, and excess dust away – no point wasting chemical until it can get into contact with the tough stuff to remove that is sticking to the substrate. If it is a hot day, it’s a good idea to wet the granite surface a little with a garden hose.
  • Apply generously by puddling the StoneKleen granite cleaner, it is diluted as ready-to-use and you can see a video here to show you. StoneKleen can also be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on, if sprayed then you may need several applications.
  • Agitate the cleaner with a broom or stiff brush on the surface and aid the penetration with a good scrub, you should start to see the soiling in a light foam – algae will make it green for example.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse off the cleaner either with a garden hose, buckets of water or a pressure washer if you have one.

Using this eco-friendly granite cleaner chemical inside is similar process to above, the rinsing with water is not an absolute must but it does help a good deal where there is heavy soiling or stains

Download the StoneKleen technical data sheet MSDS.

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Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner


An excellent eco-friendly tile cleaner for swimming pools detergent that is made from all natural ingredients, TileKleen offers powerful yet safe food-grade cleaning. Safe in water or even in your mouth, this is an effective and renowned British cleaning product.

Tile Cleaner For Swimming Pools

When it comes to cleaning swimming pools and the tiles surrounding them you need a high performance and safe product for indoor or outdoor sites to avoid slips, mess, algae, or contamination of the water.

Available in a 5 litre or 20 litre ready-to-use strength jerrycan, TileKleen is ideal for saunas, bathrooms, and public baths or sports centres.

Tile Cleaner For Swimming Pools

It uses nano energy packages to cut deeply into the soiling to dislodge it for rinsing off with almost no smell and a non-toxic and non-hazardous formulation.

We deliver to your door all over the UK with next working day service so that you don’t have to wait to long when the holidays are over!

You can find out more and order on this link and download a datasheet for TileKleen on this link.

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