Eco Friendly Concrete Cleaner Chemicals


If you are looking for a safe, stable, and effective patio cleaning fluid without any odours, or danger to pets or grass, and a safe run-off liquid, then our PatioKleen detergent is an ideal product for your needs.

Utilising a break-through in detergent formulation, PatioKleen is an all-natural and pH-neutral food-grade detergent that quickly cuts through layers of dirt, stains, and algae to clean concrete slabs, natural stone like Indian sandstone or granite setts and slabs.

Patio Cleaning Fluid

Quick And Safe To Use

Delivered to you at ready-to-use dilution and in either 5 litres or 20-litre jerrycans and delivered all over the UK, this patio fluid is vastly safer than many competing products and contains no acids, no biocides, no bleach, and no alkali components.

This makes it exceptionally safe to use for both you and your staff, pets, plants, grass and lawns and the run-off that may go into the drains; it is perhaps the only exterior cleaning product on the market that is safe in a water course or any aquatic environment.

What’s The Secret?

This professional patio cleaner works by using nano-energy within the detergent, these tiny agents penetrate deeply into the substrate and into every nook and cranny to break the surface tension that binds algae and dirt to the surface.

This means that the fundamental working principle has everything to do with dislodging soiling and not killing it, which is how most patio cleaners work with biocides (basically disinfectants) being used to kill the microbes whereas PatioKleen kills nothing! Hence is very safe.

This product is food-safe and is non-toxic and non-hazardous and users do not need to wear any items of PPE while handling it – a welcome change from brick acid and sodium hypochlorite for sure!

Is It Expensive – Being Entirely Safe And Green?

No, it’s not – £20.00 + VAT for 5 litres and £70.00 + VAT for 20 litres plus carriage UK-wide.

You can order PatioKleen and BuildKleen patio cleaning fluid online here – please note you can pay by card and don’t actually need to have a PayPal account.

PatioKleen 5 Litre Jerrycan:   £24.00 + VAT + Carriage
BuildKleen 20 Litre Jerrycan: £80.00 + VAT + Carriage

Patio Cleaning Fluid

Does It Prevent Re-Infestation?

Because the surface is genuinely super cleaned it will tend to resist algae growing back, there is no residual killer chemical left to kill future growth like with biocide-based patio cleaning fluids.

Patio Cleaning Fluid

How Long Do I Have To Wait For Results?

If applied correctly the PatioKleen product will show a good result in 15 minutes or so; you may have to apply more than one coat, especially if sprayed and in conditions where decades of soiling and algae are present.

How Is Best To Apply PatioKleen?

Brush all leaves and loose debris and scrape off moss (it won’t kill moss) and ideally apply on a dry day. If it’s hot, then wet that patio with a hose and pour the cleaner on a manageable area of say 2-3 square metres.

Brush the fluid into the patio vigorously with a soft or semi-stiff brush, this agitation helps the cleaning action, and you should start to see a slight foaming that will often be the colour of the soiling that is being removed.

Wait for 10 minutes or so, agitating the area to be cleaned and then rinse off thoroughly with garden hose or a pressure washer if you have one. Its important to rise well and therefore help the dirt and algae to be conveyed away rather than settle back. You may have to apply more than one coat – have a look at our video here:

This product has limited effectiveness against black or white spot which are spores that are rooted into the stone or concrete, you may have to use a pressure washer with a hooded rotating arm or other cleaning patio cleaning fluid products against this patio nuisance.

This product is delivered at ready-to-use strength and as it is not corrosive or caustic you do not need backpack sprayers or pumps with special Viton seals and it is far less risky to apply.

Download the PatioKleen safety data sheet here.

For a sample to try it out for yourself then do please get in touch to discuss your needs today.

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This industrial-grade concrete cleaner for pressure washer chemical does the hard work for you using nanoenergy in an advanced formulation and ultra-safe food-grade detergent cleaner that contains no acids, no bleach, sodium hypochlorite or biocides and yet cleans concrete quickly and safely.

concrete cleaner for pressure washer chemical

It is a brilliant chemical accompaniment cleaner for use with  a petrol pressure washer as a pre-treatment that loosens and dislodges years of accumulated dirt on walls, patios, driveways, paths, road signs or bus shelters before you rinse the dirt and algae away.

You can see the best concrete cleaner for pressure washer in 2022 in this video below:

A highly effective pH-neutral cleaner detergent for removing algae, staining and dirt as a road sign cleaner chemical, this innovative product is made in the UK and works by getting underneath the soiling to dislodge it instead of killing it as is generally the case with exterior cleaning chemicals like softwashing products.

How Is It Packed?

Available in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans at ready-to-use dilution from our small family run business that specialises in exterior cleaning chemicals, BuildKleen can be used as a masonry or industrial concrete cleaner and can be used without needing any PPE items like goggles or masks both inside and outside properties.

You can buy the product online here with quick and secure online payment and delivery by APC Parcels

Concrete cleaner for pressure washer

It is a remarkable fact that this concrete cleaner for pressure washer is safe to dispose of in a watercourse so that run-off from patio cleans can go on to the lawn or flower beds without risk and pets. Cleaning staff and others are also far safer than when biocide-based products or sodium hypochlorite is used, and the petrol pressure washer Honda has less work to do for a great result.

concrete cleaner for pressure washer

BuildKleen is delivered at ready-to-use strength so that you can get straight on with the job whether that is cleaning a driveway, a natural stone wall or roof cleaning a slate or conservatory roof.

How Does It Work?

Using innovative all-natural ingredients and formulation, the nanotechnology ‘energy packages’ within the product penetrate deeply into the substrate with break the surface tension holding soiling down. This means a ‘super-clean’ surface is achieved that will not re-infest easily with algae or dirt.

Being tested and approved as food-safe by Campden BRI and used widely in large food production and packing factories only confirms the remarkable safety of the product.

concrete cleaner for pressure washer

The Best Ways To Use BuildKleen

Firstly, sweep the patio, path, or driveway carefully to remove loose debris and leaves. If it is a hot day, then we suggest that you hose down and wet the area first – then apply the cleaner by pouring straight from the jerrycan onto a manageable area – perhaps 2 or 3 square metres and brush in vigorously with a stiff broom. The product can also be sprayed on, it may need more than one application to dislodge soiling and algae growth.


BuildKleen is perfect for use with pressure washers so that you achieve a better result quicker and with less effort and virtually no risk given the extraordinary all-natural and ultra-safe nature of the product. Wash off the area to be cleaned to rinse and brush away the dirt thoroughly.

Concrete Cleaner Tool       concrete cleaner for pressure washer

It is important also to rinse the area so that dirt is carried away – this can be with a pressure washer or a garden hose; it is true to say that BuildKleen is the perfect pre-wash chemical for pressure washers.

BuildKleen can be sprayed very effectively but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the concrete that is to be cleaned and that this is both brushed in and rinsed off with generous quantity of water.

Contact us to discuss your needs further or to request data sheets.

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Concrete cleaner for pressure washer



Keeping outdoor areas clean and presentable is a hard challenge but with our eco-friendly outdoor cleaner chemical BuildKleen you have the ideal cleaner for this purpose with easy dispersal of algae and soiling on patios, decking or even poultry farm cleaning without containing any caustic chemicals.

Outdoor Cleaner

This food-safe detergent outdoor cleaner chemical is formulated of all-natural ingredients and contains no acids, alkalis, biocides, or bleach and does not work by killing the green or black growth but rather by dislodging it for easy rinsing.

This innovative process involves the use of nano-energy packages within the aqueous cleaning solution and is ideal for cleaning granite, sandstone, marble, render, and hard surfaces including gravestones that are to be cleaned, uPVC gutters and concrete or fabric.

Safe For You And For Pets

BuildKleen is pH neutral, odourless, and food-safe; meaning it is great for ease of use and users are not required to wear any items of PPE while natural stone surfaces do not suffer the damage associated with using acids.

With any outdoor cleaner chemical, it is always a concern if there will be any danger to your pets, lawns, pond life or plants and all of these are entirely safe when you use BuildKleen and, importantly, so are you! Readily biodegradable and safe in drains as run-off and in any aquatic environment.

An Outdoor Cleaner With Long-Term Results

The remarkable way that this chemical breaks the surface tension that bonds dirt to the substrate is not only ideal for the initial cleaning but also secures a super-clean surface that resists the re-infestation of algae or dirt gripping back on.

Outdoor Cleaner

This means the clean appearance on walls, driveways and patios lasts for longer although the product itself is non-toxic and non-hazardous and very safe and stable to use.

Application Instructions:

This exceptionally versatile chemical is delivered at ready-to-use strength in 5 litres or 20-litre jerrycans and can be poured on, sprayed on, brushed, sponged, or rolled onto the dirty surface generously and then brushed with a soft to semi-stiff brush to agitate. Perfect for concrete slabs, Indian sandstone, Anstone-coloured concrete or block paving.

Rinse off the outdoor cleaner with a garden hose or a pressure washer if you have one and at the appropriate power setting; take care not to damage old stonework by excessive pressure; this product is also ideal as an outside furniture cleaner.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can order BuildKleen outdoor cleaner online here – please note you can pay by card and don’t need to have a PayPal account.

Outdoor Cleaner

There are 3 choices of format for this eco-friendly all-natural outdoor cleaner; 5 litre and 20 litre RTU (ready-to-use dilution) and a 10 litre super concentrated version that is generally used by professional exterior cleaning companies with Dosatron pumps to dilute as required, please see links here:

Mortar And Brick Cleaner – 5 Litre

Mortar And Brick Cleaner – 20 Litre

Natural Stone Cleaner Concentrate 10 Litre

Please do contact us to discuss your specific cleaning challenges – like monument or heritage building cleaning or to request MSDS data sheets.

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Using our BuildKleen industrial concrete cleaner chemical on garage or warehouse floors or patios can make your day easier, faster, and safer as this remarkable detergent in aqueous cleaning solution tackles dirt, rust, and algae on concrete surfaces with gusto.

Industrial Concrete Cleaner Chemical

What Is The BuildKleen Chemical?

A breakthrough in the formulation of detergent manufacture has led to this remarkable industrial concrete cleaner chemical which uses nano-energy packages for deep penetration to get underneath and loosen off soiling, rubber tyre marks and dirt for removal and a bright, clean concrete surface. This product is ideal for use with commercial floor scrubber machines.

Research has shown that the cleaner a surface is, the less dirt will grip it afterwards; this means that using this industrial concrete cleaner chemical not only provides a great remover of dirt but acts as a preventer of re-soiling afterwards as well.

It is good to know in times of disruption that BuildKleen is a UK-invented and UK-manufactured product that is eco-friendly with food-safe credentials and that the run-off is safe in drains and even in a water course.

How Is It Used?

To go about cleaning concrete with BuildKleen a user needs no PPE items although it can make sense to wear gloves if in prolonged contact. We suggest the following simple process for cleaning:

  1. Brush any leaves, loose dirt, and excess dust away, there is no point wasting chemical until it can get into contact with the tough stuff to remove that is sticking to the substrate. If it is a hot day, it is a good idea to wet the concrete a little first.
  2. Apply generously by puddling the cleaner, it is diluted as ready-to-use in the jerrycan. BuildKleen can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on, if sprayed then please apply several coats methodically.
  3. Agitate the cleaner with a broom or brush on the surface and aid the penetration with a good scrub, you should start to see the soiling in a light foam – algae will make it green for example.
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes and then rinse off the cleaner either with a garden hose, buckets of water or a pressure washer if you have one.
  5. You can see a video demonstration below of how to use BuildKleen industrial concrete cleaner.

What Does It Cost And How Do I Order?

For professional use it makes financial sense to purchase this ready-to-use concrete cleaner in 20-litre jerrycans – the cost for this is £80.00 + VAT + carriage and it can purchased online here:

Professional Patio Cleaner

It can also be sprayed but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the concrete that is to be cleaned and that this is both brushed in and rinsed off with a generous quantity of water when you are finished. This helps in moving dirt that was dislodged by the action of the cleaner.


Contact us to discuss your needs further or to request data sheets.

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Below: You can see the contrast with the cleaned concrete surface on the left compared to un-cleaned on the right.

Industrial Concrete Cleaner


As an eco friendly concrete cleaner chemical, BuildKleen is ideal for removing dirt, cement and algae from concrete surfaces both outside on paths, carparks, or patios and inside for polished floors in warehouses to lift soiling and rubber tyre marks. It is exceptionally safe for staff, the environment and as run-off.

Concrete Cleaner Chemical

Many competing products make use of biocides to kill algae and green growth or else various acids whereas with our pH neutral eco friendly concrete cleaner chemical you have a cutting-edge product using nanotechnology that has no acids, no biocides, and no bleach in it at all!

This makes BuildKleen an extraordinarily safe product for contractors and users needing to shift muck and restore a concrete surface. In fact, this product is certified as food-safe following testing by Campden BRI so there is no risk to pets or that the spray will kill plants or grass.

Users of the cleaner do not need any items of PPE and there are no hazard pictograms on the packaging; making it easier to transport by courier and store when on site.

How Does BuildKleen Work?

Using advanced formulation techniques, BuildKleen concrete cleaner chemical is a stable all-natural and long-life detergent product containing nanoenergy packages which surround soiling, penetrate deeply, and lift out the dirt or algae to take it away.

This is the key point to safety as there is a dislodging action as opposed to a killing of microbes’ action as is typically the objective with biocide-based cleaners used in softwashing and by some roof cleaning contractors.

Professional Patio Cleaner

Some praise the power of Sodium Hypochlorite in the exterior cleaning trade but this is a dangerous product needing careful handling, PPE, and care with fall-out or run-off, whereas BuildKleen is odourless and far safer and won’t kill nearby plants etc.

How Is It Supplied And What Does It Cost?

BuildKleen is supplied in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans and is mixed at ready-to-use dilution to go straight into action, we can supply IBC quantities on request, and we have UK-wide fast delivery service with APC Parcels.

Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaner

How Is It Applied?

This non acid concrete cleaner chemical can be sprayed on generously, brushed or rolled or just poured on to the substrate – on a hot day, we would suggest lightly wetting concrete slabs first – move quickly to brush the surface methodically with a broom to agitate the cleaner and you should notice slight foaming which can be seen in this short video.

After application wait 15 minutes or so before rinsing well with plenty of water to wash away soiling and stop it from drying back in. More applications may be needed, particularly with spraying as less chemical will come in contact with the surface initially.

We are a friendly family run business; if you have any concrete cleaning challenges and want an honest conversation about the abilities of this cleaner, would like to try a sample, or would like safety data sheets then please do be free to contact us.

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If you are looking for a pH-neutral polished concrete floor cleaner then consider BuildKleen, an all-natural detergent available at concentrate or ready-to-use strength. Effective at lifting dirt and grease from your warehouse floor or to ready floor for painting, this a powerful yet safe product.

Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner

This is an eco-friendly concrete cleaner that is formulated from all-natural ingredients with tiny nano-energy particles to quickly penetrate under dirt and lift it off by breaking surface tension and efficiently cleaning like few other products.

An outstandingly safe and food-grade detergent with no biocides, no bleach, and no acids, we supply it in 5-litre or 20-litre jerrycans.

You can buy the 20-litre jerry can of BuildKleen cement floor cleaner for £80.00 + VAT + carriage here:

Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner

You can be sure that workers and personnel are safe when BuildKleen is used as a polished concrete floor cleaner and yet they will also expend less effort on cleaning and don’t need to worry about the runoff as this is one of the few that are safe if discharged into drains or a watercourse.

How To Apply:

Pour or spray the chemical onto the floor area and puddle it, brush in vigorously with a broom to agitate the detergent and wait 5 minutes before a generous rinse off with water using buckets or a hose, this will transport the loosened soiling away rather than allowing it to dry into the concrete again.

As it is a pH-neutral product with strong penetrating cleaning, it is also ideal for natural stone cleaning of steps or slabs. Suitable as an ultra-safe cleaner for render, tarmac, roughcasting, wooden decking and driveways.

Is It Really That Safe?

Yes, it really is. A non-toxic and non-hazardous product, users do not need any PPE items although it may be advisable to wear gloves if in prolonged contact. BuildKleen can also be sprayed but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the substrate to be cleaned.

Contact us to discuss your needs further or to request data sheets.

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Below: The 20 litre jerrycan of BuildKleen offers great value and is delivered all over the UK:

Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner


Environmentally friendly and safe for tradespeople and pets, lawns and plants, BuildKleen is a non-toxic and non-hazardous imprinted concrete cleaner chemical that is ideal for keeping your driveway looking great!

Imprinted Concrete Cleaner

Available in both 5 litres and 20 litres jerrycans, persons using this pet friendly concrete cleaner solution do not need PPE and it is odourless and pH neutral with no acids, caustic alkalis, no biocides, no bleach, or sodium hypochlorite solution.

Best as a concrete cleaner, patio, or for walls in the garden that are soiled or green, BuildKleen is delivered at ready-to-use dilution but if the imprinted concrete driveway does not have very heavy soiling, you can water it down if desired.

Another good feature is that drives or patios treated tend to resist fresh build-up of algae and soiling because the surface is left very clean.

How It Works

This imprinted concrete cleaner works by using nano-size energy packages which break the surface tension between dirt or algae and the substrate to lift off the soiling.

This is in contrast to the majority of driveway cleaning chemicals that rely on sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or biocides to kill the green growth whereas BuildKleen ‘levers’ it off or dislodges instead of killing it. Acute Build Clean also supply a well-proven range of professional exterior cleaning equipment brushes, pressure washers and softwashing trolleys.

Download the BuildKleen safety data sheet here.

            Softwash Trolley           Flat Surface Cleaner 18 Inch

This innovative approach to cleaning is a cutting-edge UK invention. Using formulation like this we can offer a genuinely all-natural and very safe cleaning chemical that is powerful and even safe if it gets into a watercourse it is approved as food safe for use in food factories.

BuildKleen 5 Litre – £24.00 + VAT Each

BuildKleen 20 Litre – £80.00 + VAT Each


Imprinted Concrete Cleaner
With many cleaners, the large particles are removed from the substrate, but smaller ones are left. Because of the penetration of the nanoenergy particles, this pH neutral detergent cleaner liberates more soiling and leaves a super-clean surface.

How To Apply This Cleaner Chemical

Using a pressure washer can be helpful to assist the cleaning and remove loosened dirt from imprinted concrete or just use a garden hose if a pressure washer is not available. Apply the solution by pouring, with a brush, or from a low-pressure sprayer, saturate the surface well and then agitate with a brush (this is very important). Ideally, wait 15 minutes before rinsing off the dirt, and if you have time watch our video here:

To discuss your needs or to request SDS sheets please contact us at:

Acute Build Clean | 74 Bo’ness Road | Grangemouth | FK3 9BL

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Imprinted Best Concrete Cleaner


The best concrete cleaner is one which combines outstanding safety with excellent performance to remove soiling, algae, mould, and stains as BuildKleen does. Using this all-natural detergent is lowering risk, improving cleaning speed, and proven to leave a surface that resists algae re-growing.

Best Concrete Cleaner

Remarkably Safe And Highly Effective

A food-safe cleaning chemical, BuildKleen is available to buy online at ready-to-use dilution for your convenience in 5-litre and 20-litre jerry cans. It works by an innovative process where nano-tech energy particles get underneath the soiling, dirt, grime, and algae to dislodge it; it contains no acids, no bleach, and no biocides.

You can see the effect of this fast-acting best concrete cleaner on the wall and the concrete kerb images below:

Best Concrete Cleaner

This is very different and a considerable improvement on biocide-based cleaners – which form the bulk of the exterior cleaners or softwash chemicals out there – as these kill the algae or green growth for removal.

These chemicals carry hazard warnings and pictograms and are harmful to the environment and sometimes to users whereas BuildKleen is harmless even if released into drains or a water course.

Best Concrete Cleaner

There is no risk to pets or lawns and plant life with this chemical, which contrasts with many other outdoor cleaning products and it takes only a short time to penetrate through dirt and transform the appearance making it one of the best concrete cleaners around.

Download the BuildKleen concrete cleaner chemical SDS Data Sheet

Applying The Best Concrete Cleaner

Please brush or blow off any loose leaves, dust and debris and apply BuildKleen cleaner generously to concrete in a manageable area at a time and puddle it, coverage is usually about 12 square metres per 5-litre bottle.

Please see a video below showing how to spray-apply and then brush this cleaner for the best results:

Brush and agitate the best concrete cleaner vigorously to assist the process, using a pressure washer if available to assist in removing loose dirt, lichen, and stains.

BuildKleen Concrete Cleaner 20 Litre Jerrycan – £80.00 + VAT Each

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your cleaning needs further or to request SDS sheets at:

Acute Build Clean | 74 Bo’ness Road | Grangemouth | FK3 9BL

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Non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and non-toxic concrete cleaner that is food-safe, and is safe to use near a water course as it contains no biocides, acids, or solvents.


Concrete Steps Before and After.

Located at an old farm house in central Scotland we wanted to give our PatioKleen cleaner chemical a hard workout on these old concrete steps and the surrounding block paving with:

  • No pressure washer before, during or after.
  • Little or no preparation – just whack it on and go.

The Acute Build Clean team used a low-pressure weed killer type sprayer to soak the ends of the steps and the vertical surfaces with the concrete cleaner and just poured it out on the horizontal surfaces.

We then worked hard with a standard soft broom from ASDA to agitate the agent – this premises is in an extremely industrial town in the fairly damp centre of Scotland, located at sea level and steps could be as much as 120 years old! We don’t know for sure.

On the vertical surfaces we used a drill brush in a cordless battery drill as shown below and this was a help. When we felt we had done what we could the house owner hosed the steps off with a garden hose and the ‘after’ image is taken the following day.

See more details of our industrial concrete cleaner here or buy the 20 litre ready-to-use product online here.

Please be free to contact us and discuss your needs further on 01324 309100 or email


Drill Brush Kit  Concrete Cleaner Chemical



Reduce concrete cleaning effort with PatioKleen, our easy-to-use concrete slab cleaner chemical that is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and non-toxic while cutting deep into surfaces to dislodge algae and dirt quickly without any acids or biocides.

Have you heard of a certified food-safe concrete slab cleaner before? Well, that is what our PatioKleen and BuildKleen chemical are!

Concrete Slab Cleaner

Bang For Your Buck

A great value concrete slab cleaner with quick action removal of algae, stains and dirt, PatioKleen works by using nano ‘energy packages’ which break the surface tension and lift off dirt leaving a surface which stays cleaner for longer, resisting the regrowth of black or green algae.

We can also supply the same chemical from the professional range branded as BuildKleen in 20 litre jerrycans for a lower price per litre while still at ready-to-use dilution – please see an image of this below.

Concrete Slab Cleaner

Key Points To Note

The PatioKleen chemical product is:

  1. Certified as food-safe – safe for pets and cleaning personnel
  2. Non-toxic and non-hazardous – uses no caustic acids.
  3. Needs No PPE To Be Worn
  4. Contains no biocides or disinfectants.
  5. Uses no bleach or sodium hypochlorite.
  6. Slows regrowth of algae.
  7. Made in the UK.

This is a ready to use concrete slab cleaner is a stable, effective, safe and environmentally friendly cleaner that is supplied in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycan containers. Below you can see an image of a before and after treatment of slabs at a surgery reception area:

Concrete Slab Cleaner

How To Apply

Application can be by a low-pressure sprayer (as could be used for weed-killer) or watering can, sponge, paint roller or poured on straight from the jerrycan. We tend to favour a decent covering as most effective and try to puddle the cleaner on the slabs when we use it. A power washer or garden hose is helpful and disperses the dirt better after cleaning, it can be surprising how much dirt is liberated to get rid off.

Agitate the solution with a stiff brush and leave for quarter of an hour before rinsing off with plenty of water.

Please see a video showing how to best apply and agitate the product for better results:

      Window Cleaning Trailer          Patio Cleaner Tool

Buy The Concrete Slab Cleaner:

Order PatioKleen Concrete Slab Cleaner 5 Litre – £24.00 + VAT Online

Order BuildKleen Concrete Slab Cleaner 20 Litre – £80.00 + VAT Online

Browse our Professional Exterior Cleaning Equipment Range.

Download the technical and safety data sheet here.

To discuss your needs further please contact us at:

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